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Exo Drone, your partner in drone technology.

Whether for your recreational or professional training needs, to carry out specialized commercial operations or to act as an expert consultant in the integration of new technologies relating to remotely piloted aircraft in your business, the Exo Drone team is your number one ally to ensure the success of your projects.

With nearly 10 years of experience in a booming sector, our team is constantly innovating to offer you a tailor-made solution.


  • Drone pilot training programs
  • Basic operations - Advanced operations - Pro Exo Drone


new aerial perspectives for your business.

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Daniel H.

A school that is constantly on the lookout for the latest technology, laws and regulations to provide the best in the field. A crazy service with a passionate team with human values ​​always ready to help and meet our needs. In short, you give us inspiration and thank you for sharing your passions with us.

Luc L.

Training school offering by far the most comprehensive education available in Quebec in UAV technology at the moment. You will learn ALL aspects of drone technology and your Aviation training will largely give you the knowledge necessary to deal well with the field and thus gain credibility, efficiency and safety with other UAV and Aviation pilots sharing the skies with you.

David L.

The best training there is!!! Passionate people who know how to put safety first and provide us with the best knowledge and flight techniques!

Jean-François P.

A professional company, with competent, passionate people who listen to everyone's needs. I highly recommend their training service to anyone who wants to take a serious step.

David M.

With your online Guide, I completed the course in two days. I took the exam and VOILA! Exam passed. Congratulations on the course. It is very well done and complete to pass the exam.

Alain G.

I would like to thank you for the assistance received regarding the advanced online pilot training. Your English platform allowed me to prepare well for the Transport Canada advanced pilot exam. Passing the exam is partly up to you. Your collaboration was the key to my success.